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After the establishment of Laos ElementoPharma Co., Ltd. in 2019, it has attracted the attention of many Chinese patients, since it is a company founded by a technical teams consisting of deputy dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology, Nanjing University, China, professors of industry, and PhDs in Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Laos ElementoPharma was established in the Boten Special Economic Zone of Laos. Laos Boten Economic Special Zone is located in the heartland of Indo-China Peninsula and borders on China, it is standing at the transportation hub of Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor and is gradually growing into an emerging hotbed for CAFTA and GMS. On August 31, 2015, governments of China and Laos officially entered into Overall Plan on Construction of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone. On November 28, 2016, both governments officially entered into Overall Plan on Co-development of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone (Outline). Establishment of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone is a major milestone for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. With such a location, the pharmaceutical factories carry out strict production, so it can be trusted...... To learn more


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Boten ElementoPharma was officially founded

Established in 2019, Laos Boten ElementoPharma was located in Laos Boten Special Economic Zone. It is a modern pharmaceutical company built in accordance with the standards of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Its factory buildings in Boten cover an area of about 2500 square meters, with administrative office areas, laboratories, production workshops, warehouses, and public works areas inside; and these functional areas are clearly divided.

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Optimal for lung cancer patients-Osimertinib

Osimertinib is a miracle for mankind against the cancer, and even called “magic drug”. According to U.S. NCCN guidelines, the first-line data of Osimertinib are far more, and it is the first recommendation for the initial treatment of EGFR-mutant NSCLC.Recently, the National Medical Products Administration approved the targeted drug Osimertinib (AGRISSO) can be used for the first-line treatment ...

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Analysis and Classification of Targeted Drugs for Liver Cancer

2021.04.14|Laos Kang’an Hospital老挝康安医院

Boten ElementoPharma was officially founded


Optimal for lung cancer patients-Osimertinib

2021.04.14|Laos Kang'an Hospital 老挝康安医院

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