ElementoPharma is committed to becoming a world-renowned pharmaceutical company and has expanded its sales business worldwide. As the first large-scale listed pharmaceutical company in Laos to produce anti-tumor drugs, ElementoPharmas has currently exported hundreds of pharmaceutical products to more than 120 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

What makes ElementoPharma an excellent partner for global peers?
1.It possesses the world-class pharmaceutical equipment for the production of anti-tumor, anti-viral drugs, cephalosporins and commonly used drugs.
2. It owns advanced facilities for the production of unconventional dosage forms, which can produce freeze-dried medicines, pre-filled syringes, large-volume injections, liquid-filled hard capsules, and other pharmaceutical products.
3. It has been authorized to produce proprietary and generic drugs. According to the WTO's patent exemption for pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh and the relevant laws in Bangladesh, ElementoPharmas can produce any generic drug of any drug that is newly approved by the U.S. FDA.
4. ElementoPharma’s products comply with international quality standards, and can be customized according to the market standards.
5. The drugs produced by ElementoPharma have high quality and reasonable price, and ordinary patients afford to purchase them.

Physical and chemical test bench in Labs

Air-conditioning and purified water preparation system in workshops