Generic drugs have gradually become mainstreams in the medical world these years, as many patients can’t afford prohibitive drugs. But after Dying to Survive, a movie, was released a couple of years ago, generic drugs enter to people’s life on a large scale. Many people were worried that they might be fake and hence were hesitate in buying them, but a great number of them found them effective after taking them. Generic drugs are not purely imitated but are imitated drugs under the constraint of law. People then began to be assured.

India is the main purchase place for generic drugs in China in recent years, as India is home to the world’s renowned Mailand Pharmacy, but due to eruption of convid-19, delivery to remote countries is beset by issues in the past two years, and domestic patients begin to pay attention to generic drugs in other countries, among which generic drugs in Laos comes first. Bordering on Yunnan, China, Loas is geologically convenient. As it is adjacent to our country by land and shares the co-built economic special zone and handy border port, it can send direct mail by S.F.Express for the day and can reach most domestic cities within 3 days. It outperforms India and other countries in delivery speed of mail.

In recent years, Laos has established economic zone with China, which is known as Loas Boten Economic Special Zone. Laos Boten Economic Special Zone is located in the heartland of Indo-China Peninsula and borders on China, it is standing at the transportation hub of Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor and is gradually growing into an emerging hotbed for CAFTA and GMS. On August 31, 2015, governments of China and Laos officially entered into Overall Plan on Construction of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone. On November 28, 2016, both governments officially entered into Overall Plan on Co-development of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone (Outline). Establishment of China Laos Boten-Motin Economic Cooperation Zone is a major milestone for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Most people living in here are ethnic Chinese and many countries are thus founded by the ethnic Chinese. In 2019, a generic drug company was opened. It is Laos ElementoPharma, our protagonist today. It is abbreviated as ElementoPharma. Thanks to relevant laws on production of generic drugs in Laos and with vigorous support by local government, it is quite a fitting place for building a pharmaceutical plant. Thanks to its superior geological environment, governmental backup and dwelling of myriads ethnic Chinese that offer handy communication, this enterprise has whopping prospects.

Founded by the technical teams consisting of deputy dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology, Nanjing University, China, professors of industry, and PhDs in Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ElementoPharma is, to a certain degree, a pharmaceutical plant founded by a bunch of professionals and hence its degree of rigorousness is sufficient. ElementoPharma has advanced plant and other facilities designed and constructed in strict accordance with EU standards. It is equipped with advanced scientific research equipment, color steel plate purification plant, pharmaceutical purification air-conditioning system and air supply and return air systems to ensure a clean production environment, which fully conforms to production management regulations and technical standards all over the world including Laos GMP, EU GMP, American GMP and Chinese GMP. ElementoPharma has now developed into a comprehensive pharmaceutical company integrating imitation, production, sales and after-sales service of anti-tumor and male health drugs. ElementoPharma organizes production strictly according to requirements of GMP regulations, and implements European and American Pharmacopoeia standards for its quality. It has grown into a comprehensive pharmaceutical company integrating imitation, production, sales and after-sales services of anti-tumor and male health drugs. It is strictly following GMP regulations for production and it strictly implements standards of USP and EP in drug quality.

ElementoPharma has been seeing speedy development in recent years and the quality of its drugs is widely praised among patients, as many patients are recovering after taking its drugs. Due to convenience in traffic, people can acquire drugs within the same time they order from domestic purchase platform, so more patients are transferring to ElementoPharma. It is quite trustworthy as it was founded by the team of Chinese doctors.

Medication is a popular topic throughout history, as people would take medicine after they fall ill. But for tumor patients, drugs are prohibitive. People tend to order for fake generic drugs or wait for one month or more to get proper drugs. It is time-consuming. ElementoPharma in Laos would drastically help domestic and overseas patients subscribe for drugs. The cases in Dying to Survive are dwindling.

Physical and chemical test bench in Labs

Air-conditioning and purified water preparation system in workshops