Product Introduction :


Molnupiravir was developed by Merck & Co., USA. The role of monapiravir is to interfere with virus replication. The drug can effectively cause a large number of errors during virus replication, causing "lethal mutagenesis" to make virus replication fail. , And then inhibit the growth of the virus.


Monapiravir was initially used to treat influenza, and the first phase of clinical trials began in 2019. After the outbreak of the COVID - 19, the research team tried to use drugs to deal with the COVID - 19 virus and succeeded, so it changed to research and treatment of COVID - 19 infection.

As of October 2021, the Phase III clinical results showed that Monapiravir can reduce the hospitalization rate and mortality of patients with COVID - 19 infection for the first time by 50%, and it can effectively deal with any kind of COVID - 19 mutant strains, including Delta variant .


Indications :

COVID - 19 infection


Administration and Dosage :


Oral administration, one capsule every 12 hours, a set of treatment takes 5 days.