The seemingly-hardscrabble country of Laos has one advanced aspects for us to model on, as it attaches importance to the interests of its enfeebled people with sincerity. When the towering drug price strangles many diseased people, the generic drugs in Laos bring us a silver lining. Thanks to vigorous governmental support and completed laws on production of generic drugs, the legitimate drugs sharing almost identical dosage, security, efficacy, quality, effect and symptoms as patented drugs but are not subject to the shackle of patent have gone down with people. Many plants of generic drugs with favorable price and superb quality have been completed in Laos. Laos is likely to become a ‘pharmacy of the world’.

One plant of generic drugs is particularly appealing, which is known as Laos ElementoPharma Co., Ltd. That it is so eye-catching is simply explained by its being founded by the ethnic Chinese. Most of its drugs are offered to patients who can’t afford genuine drugs, as they are favorable in price and superb in quality, so the company has been widely lauded since it was established.

A large pharmaceutical enterprise founded in 2019, Laos ElementoPharma Co., Ltd. was founded by the technical teams consisting of deputy dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology, Nanjing University, China, professors of industry, and PhDs in Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is based in Laos Boten Economic Special Zone. Laos Boten Economic Special Zone is located in the heartland of Indo-China Peninsula and borders on China, it is standing at the transportation hub of Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor and is gradually growing into an emerging hotbed for CAFTA and GMS. Most people living in here are ethnic Chinese. The company is convenient in both transportation and other fronts. Government of this term is in vigorous support of the enterprise, so it has an up-and-coming development of prospects.

Both of its transportation and drug market is the case in Laos. Guaranteed by its national and international policies, Laos has a massive number of pharmaceutical plants, so many drug traffickers would transfer drugs from Laos and offer them in China by offering medicinal treatment to domestic patients in the past, but it was against the law, so safety of those drugs can’t be highly guaranteed. But with gradual completion of laws these days, cross-border purchase of medical drugs is allowed, and hence pharmaceutical drugs would deliver drugs to domestic patients via direct mail, which thus drastically facilitates demands in procurement of drugs. That the purchase place falls to specialized medication purchasing agent and that drugs are purchased through direct contract with pharmaceutical drugs are safe and reliable.

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