Laos is less advanced in its pharmaceutical industry for now and is far smaller in scale when compared with India and Bangladesh. Laos is also evident in its geological inferiority. An inland country, it is short of a port and is deficient in labor force, which all proves adverse for advancement of the manufacturing industry, but it is also its advantage on the other hand. As it is short of independent national standard, it directly applies American FDA standard in its pharmaceutical industry. It indicates that it is easier to enter into the international market. It is the case in actuality. Laos Boten Comprehensive Development Zone co-built by the government of Laos and Yunnan, China, is founded in here. New pharmaceutical plants are under construction in here.

The most impressive plant of generic drugs in Boten Economic Development Zone is Laos ElementoPharma Co., Ltd. or ElementoPharma for short. It is a company founded by the technical teams consisting of deputy dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology, Nanjing University, China, professors of industry, and PhDs in Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 2019. That it was founded in here is ascribed to vigorous governmental support, completed legal stipulations on building of plants of generic drugs and convenience in access of its pharmaceutical industry to the international market.

Physical and chemical test bench in Labs

Air-conditioning and purified water preparation system in workshops